Scar Esthetique Scar Creme with Polypeptides and 10 Anti-Oxidants, 2-Ounces

Scar Esthetique Scar Creme is formulated with a rich blend of ingredients to heal surgical scars, traumatic scars, old scars and burn scars. Vitamins A, C, D and Coenzyme Q10 regulate skin growth, cell structure, collagen production, cell energy and iron absorption. They also provide antioxidant protection to shield the skin from environmental and free radical damage. Pycnogenol and onion extract reduce inflammation and encourage collagen repair while allantoin and bisabolol soothe and soften the skin. Arnica, grape seed extract and green tea extract increase circulation, reduce swelling and bruising, and neutralize free radicals. These ingredients, along with many more nutrients and scar-healers, reduce and prevent the formation of scars for smooth, healthy skin.

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