Protein Shake Recipes: 25 Natural & Organic Protein Shake Recipes: Learn how to make your own protein recipes with simple ingredients you may already have in your cupboards

Protein Shake Recipes: 25 Natural & Organic Protein Shake Recipes is a recipe book designed for those who are looking to lose weight and add muscle mass without compromising flavour. Each recipe inside can be used as a meal replacement and can use as a pre / post-workout drink, snack or desert. They are each bursting with flavour and all have a nutrition value breakdown so you know just how many calories you’re taking in and how much protein, carbs and fat is contained in either one. My delicious raw and organic recipes provide many health benefits, each recipe contains high fibre, high antioxidants, high omega 3 fats, high complex carbohydrates and protein. The ingredients are designed to promote good health, they are packed with antioxidants to strengthen the immune system, they provide fuel for an intense workout, provide the body with fuel to recover after an intense workout and some of them even promote a great night’s sleep. You’ll never buy expensive protein powders again!!

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