30 day Paleo diet slow cooker recipe cookbook: Delicious easy recipes to cook and eat at home that restore health and lose weight

Paleo and slow cooking go hand in hand because they both yield healthy and delicious food without much hassle and without sacrificing taste at all. It’s simple and easy to cook your Paleo food in a crock pot and this book is designed to show you how it’s done. It contains 30 Paleo recipes suited for your crock pot, split in 5 chapters: breakfast, main dishes based on three types of meat and dessert to finish off your meal on a high note.

  • Discover how to make BANANA COCONUT BREAD! (that’s right! a paleo bread without any of the gluten, soy or other garbage right in your slow cooker!) pg 12
  • Spicy brownies? Wild berry Cobbler? Who knew you could lose weight with tasty treats that are great for your health? Check them out on pg 59 and 55!
  • How about some pork and beef main dishes? Who wants Ribs!? Check out the pork ribs recipe that even makes the bone melt in your mouth on pg 48!

The idea behind this book is that combining any of the recipes, you can make up a full Paleo menu for various days in a row. Plus, don’t forget that no recipe is set to stone and you can customize them all and make them your own creations by changing ingredients and removing or adding spices and herbs. All 30 recipes are healthy and delicious and only use ingredients that actually bring some nutrients into our system, from lots of vegetables to fiber loaded flours for dessert. So put your apron on and get cooking because healthy and toned doesn’t mean bland food, but eating as healthy as possible and in moderation! And Paleo diet in a slow cooker offers you precisely that – healthy cooked food, loaded with flavors and without hassle or special cooking skills. Can it be easier than that?!


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